Nutritional Products … Direct to You

Since 1991, Perfect Source Natural Products, Inc. has been responsible for developing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality products, utilizing advanced state-of-the-art facilities.  Our dedicated, dynamic and experienced team has the expertise and knowledge from the selection of raw materials through formulation, production, and stability testing. We are set up to ensure the strictest quality control and transparency every step of the way. Perfect Source offers a comprehensive product line and customer support that is unmatched in the industry. Perfect Source was established with the mission to become the industry’s first nutritional supplement company “Where Quality and Integrity Meet.”  We have worked diligently over the last 32 years to make our mission a reality and are humbled by our success.


Chances are you haven’t heard of us but you know our clients and their products.  Our strategic partnerships over the years have aligned us with a who’s who list of prized clients and industry leaders which has strategically positioned Perfect Source to provide products of unequalled quality on a global basis.

After 32 years of business, Perfect Source is proud to bring our dietary supplement expertise to the public with an exclusive line of products to support the body with health giving herbs and nutrients.

Core Competency “The ability to source the finest quality natural ingredients and develop manufacturing practices for usage in our products.”

  • Supplier of high quality nutritional supplements
  • We literally help set industry standards and have worked with state regulatory agencies and the dietary supplement industry’s largest cGMP certifying body as a member of their Dietary Supplement Task Group.
  • We have formulated and supplied “Industry Best” award winning products and category leading products.

Health and nutrition for every “body” through natural, innovative and quality products.

Perfect Source has developed the resources to identify and use only the finest, natural ingredients available in order to produce high quality, safe and exclusive nutritional supplements. Our products are formulated to support Health and Nutrition for every “body” and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • NY Times Best Selling Author and Industry Leading Research Scientist
  • Leading Universities, Medical Institutions and the Veterans Administration
  • Dietary supplement industries largest supplier – Forbes Global 2000 List Top 800 in Sales $
  • Leading U.S. Pharmaceutical Distributor – Forbes Fortune 500 List – Top 20
  • Food Industry Largest Agriculture Cooperative
  • Leading Japanese B2C company
  • Leading Health Care Professionals