NUTRITIONAL PHILOSOPHY     1. Cleanse   2. Detoxify   3. Rebuild

At Perfect Source we believe that in order to obtain optimum health and vitality three important natural actions need to occur:



Perfect Source believes that the key to optimum health begins with the basics of cleansing. Many health professionals have reported that the Perfect Source Colon Care Program is one of the most comprehensive and effective cleansing and detoxifying programs available today. Many nutritional researchers also believe that toxicity may lead to more serious health disorders. The Colon Care Program consisting of Fiber Plus and CC Tabs is a natural means to help gently cleanse the colon of unwanted impurities, enhance transit time of digested food and nutritionally support the colon’s ability to absorb the vital nutrients in the food and supplements we consume.


Toxic elements may build in the body from a variety of sources (impure foods, water and air pollution). Detoxification is the process of reducing the buildup of undesirable substances in the body. Reducing the body’s toxicity is widely accepted as a way to attain vibrant health. The Perfect Source Colon Care Program, Performance Plus and Supreme Greens naturally support detoxification principles. Benefits of detoxifying can include increased energy, enhanced mental acuity, reduced irritability and an overall feeling of well being and increased health.



Optimum nutrition occurs when the body receives and utilizes the nutrients it needs for peak performance. Perfect Source has had great success with its highly recommended liquid mineral supplement Performance Plus. Performance Plus provides approximately 74 plant source minerals derived from freshly harvested sea vegetation  in a 100% aloe vera base. Liquid supplements are thought to have a high absorption rate and are proven to be more desirable than conventional supplements. Supreme Greens is a fantastic, high-energy nutritional supplement which helps fulfill your daily green food requirements and much more. Consisting of the highest potency, enzymatically active, whole food ingredients found in the natural food chain, Supreme Greens helps bridge the gap between what health experts and studies say we should eat for optimum health and what the average American actually consumes.